Maya 6-6-2013

Today’s image was a 2 day project. I used Maya fur for...

07th Jun
Sun Featured

Maya 6-4-2013

Today’s image was rendered in Maya using Mental Ray and comped in...

05th Jun
puddle featured

Maya 6-3-2013

After a little break to try and get re-energized I’m back with...

04th Jun
cell scene featured

Maya 5-12-2013

Today’s image was rendered using Mental Ray for Maya and comped in...

29th May
Brown Drink Featured

Maya 5-23-2013

I couldn’t really find inspiration tonight, so I just slugged through. I...

24th May
Streak Scene Featured

Maya 5-22-2013

Today’s image is continuing with the text theme I’ve been working with...

23rd May
Abstract Plane Featured

Maya 5-21-2013

A little logo work today. I haven’t done too much in the...

22nd May
Geyent Featured

Maya 5-20-2013

Today’s image was rendered with Mental Ray and comped in After Effects....

21st May
Monster Scene Featured

Maya 5-18-2013

Tonight’s image was rendered with Mental Ray and comped in Nuke for...

19th May
Drink scene featured

Maya 5-16-2013

There was no image yesterday because I began experimenting with v-ray and...

17th May
Patio Scene Featured

Maya 5-14-2013

Today is something totally abstract. I realized I haven’t done anything with...

15th May
Glow Scene Featured

Maya 5-13-2013

We’re having record setting heat here so I’m trying to get today’s...

14th May
Cabinet Scene Featured